Learn how to count from Wakanda in Swahili 1-10

Hello guys, whenever I travel to Wakanda, I like to speak the official language that is used there.

Swahili or like my brother and I call it, Swaghili 😀.

Wakanda is in the same Eastern African region just like where I’m from in Kenya so traveling there is a short trip.

I can’t tell you the secret on how to get there but I can teach you how the kids count in Wakanda & all over Eastern Africa.

Wakanda forever.

#RedForEd – Teachers March in Arizona

What is #RedForEd

It is a movement started by teachers, education support professionals, administrators and others in the community who care about the state of education in Arizona.

The goal is to ensure that all students have access to highly qualified and experienced teachers, that educators are compensated fairly, and to improve the educational environment in the state of Arizona.

The Crisis in Arizona:

  • There is an unprecedented teacher shortage.
  • We have the second-largest median class size in the U.S.
  • We are near the bottom in per-pupil spending.
  • We have the worst counselor-to-student ration in the country
  • We have endured the largest education funding cuts in the nation

What do the teachers want?

  • 20% raise for teaching and certified staff
  • Competitive wages for classified staff
  • Restore overallK-12 funding to 2008 levens
  • No new tax cuts until per-pupil spending reaches national average
  • Annual raises until teacher salaries reach national average.

A Call for Community Action

Call your legislators and Governor. Tell them you stand with Arizona’s Educators/Support Staff and support a sustainable funding solution for public education. Here is a link to find your district rep with email and phone number. https://www.azleg.gov/findmylegislator/

Contact Gov. Ducey’s Office and ask the same. 602-542-4331

More information on the #RedForEd movement is being updated daily at www.ArizonaEducatorsUnited.com

Math Practice – Even Numbers up to 50

Whenever I’m Traveling during the school year, My teachers usually send me off with lots of Homework to do. In this Video I give you a quick lesson on counting by even numbers all the way up to 50. This is a quick lesson for children in Kindergarten and Pre-School.

First Ten Elements for Kindergartners

Do you want to learn all about the Periodic Table of the Elements? Here’s a video that will teach you about the 1st Ten Elements. Keep watching and memorize them. They will come in handy at a future date.

Learn The Primary Colors

Do you know what the primary colors are? Would you like to know all about the primary colors? Watch this video as I teach my baby brother all about the primary colors with a cool story.