Lessons on Crawling: Part 3

Lessons for babies learning to crawl.. Lesson # 1, Check out my 1st video.. this wasn’t easy.. I had to practice, practice, practice.. You can do it.. I’m getting used to this thing..


A Quick Story About My Luo Kenyan Roots

My Dahni (Grandma) Wanted to tell me a little story about my the village my people come from. The Village is Kuoyo Kochia, in Homa Bay Kenya. We are two hours away from the main city of Kisumu in the western region. My Luo name of Oguma was given to me since I was the 1st in my family tree born in the USA. Oguma means Leader of The People and he was one of the great leaders of our tribe. I am now the Leader of our Tribe that has been started in the USA and plan on going back and forth to Kenya to bridge our two communities.