Daddy Prank – Crib Edition

I don’t know how you new babies do it. When I used to hang out in my crib, I always knew how to get my daddy’s attention. He always thought it was because he left the room but I just wanted to chew on his phone.



How To Guide for Mommys – Football

We were watching some college football bowl games during winter break when I noticed something.

My Mommy thought the Quarterback was on Defense.

So I made this quick video for my Mommy and others on How to Play Football.


Throwback to Loving Obama

Here is a Throwback Video to when I was 3 years old.
I used to always listen and watch Videos of President Obama during our car rides with daddy. One day I want to become a President too like Obama.

Lessons on Crawling: Part 3

Lessons for babies learning to crawl.. Lesson # 1, Check out my 1st video.. this wasn’t easy.. I had to practice, practice, practice.. You can do it.. I’m getting used to this thing..