My first Drone

All Of Last Year I begged my mommy and daddy for a drone.

I thought they were cool when I saw them online and other kids playing with them.

I finally got one. Here’s a quick video on my 1st day with it.

How To Guide for Mommys – Football

We were watching some college football bowl games during winter break when I noticed something.

My Mommy thought the Quarterback was on Defense.

So I made this quick video for my Mommy and others on How to Play Football.


Merry Christmas to My Teachers

My Teachers are very special,
I am thankful for each and every one of them. I’ve been in Kindergarten for 1/2 a year and I Love it. You have made my time at school fun and educational.

(My Classroom Teachers, Mrs. Kallerud, Mrs Aparna, Mrs Desi | My Mandarin Teacher, Ms Lu | My Drama Teacher, Ms Valeri | My Engineering Teacher, Ms Avila | My Music Teacher, Ms Blake | My Art Teacher, Ms. Karbon | My Movement Teacher, Ms. Blount | My Principal, Ms. Gold | My Teachers who sign me in at the Office, Ms. Tammy & Ms. Jonna and Ms. Saba )

Thank You & Merry Christmas from August The Great
I hope you enjoy these handmade gifts from my country of Kenya

Math Practice – Even Numbers up to 50

Whenever I’m Traveling during the school year, My teachers usually send me off with lots of Homework to do. In this Video I give you a quick lesson on counting by even numbers all the way up to 50. This is a quick lesson for children in Kindergarten and Pre-School.

Throwback to Loving Obama

Here is a Throwback Video to when I was 3 years old.
I used to always listen and watch Videos of President Obama during our car rides with daddy. One day I want to become a President too like Obama.

First Ten Elements for Kindergartners

Do you want to learn all about the Periodic Table of the Elements? Here’s a video that will teach you about the 1st Ten Elements. Keep watching and memorize them. They will come in handy at a future date.

Learn The Primary Colors

Do you know what the primary colors are? Would you like to know all about the primary colors? Watch this video as I teach my baby brother all about the primary colors with a cool story.

Stand Up For Something

In Life, there will be many things that can bring you down. Keep getting back up and even when others keep falling from distractions, Stand up for what you believe in.